Class NamedFacebookType

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Album, AppRequest.Application, CategorizedFacebookType, Category, EntityAtTextRange, Event, ExtendedReferenceType, FriendList, From, Group, IgHashtag, IgUser, IgUserProfile, Insight, InstagramUser, Likes.LikeItem, Link, Message.Share, MessageTag, OpenGraphActionType, OpenGraphObjectType, PageLabel, PageTab, Photo, Photo.Tag, Place, Post.KeyedType, ProjectExperience, SearchPlace, User, User.Experience, User.Sport, UserInvitableFriend, UserProfile, Video, VideoCopyrightRule, WABAOnBehalfOfComputedInfo, WhatsAppBusinessAccount, WhatsAppMessageTemplate

public class NamedFacebookType extends FacebookType
Superclass for Graph API types that include a name field and (optionally) a created_time field.
Mark Allen
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    • getName

      public String getName()
      The name field for this type.
      The name field for this type.
    • setName

      public void setName(String name)
      The name field for this type.