Package com.restfb.json

package com.restfb.json
Repackaging of the minimal-json implementation.

For full documentation and sample code, please see the RestFB website.

  • Class
    This class serves as the entry point to the minimal-json API.
    Represents a JSON array, an ordered collection of JSON values.
    A handler for parser events.
    Represents a JSON object, a set of name/value pairs, where the names are strings and the values are JSON values.
    Represents a member of a JSON object, a pair of a name and a value.
    A streaming parser for JSON text.
    Represents a JSON value.
    An immutable object that represents a location in the parsed text.
    An unchecked exception to indicate that an input does not qualify as valid JSON.
    Enables human readable JSON output by inserting whitespace between values.after commas and colons.
    Controls the formatting of the JSON output.