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public static class FacebookClient.AccessToken extends Object
Represents an access token/expiration date pair.

Facebook returns these types when performing access token-related operations - see FacebookClient.convertSessionKeysToAccessTokens(String, String, String...), FacebookClient.obtainAppAccessToken(String, String), and FacebookClient.obtainExtendedAccessToken(String, String, String) for details.

Mark Allen
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    • setClient

      public void setClient(FacebookClient client)
    • getClient

    • fromQueryString

      public static FacebookClient.AccessToken fromQueryString(String queryString)
      Given a query string of the form access_token=XXX or access_token=XXX&expires=YYY, return an AccessToken instance.

      The queryString is required to contain an access_token parameter with a non-null value. The expires value is optional and should be the number of seconds since the epoch. If the expires value cannot be parsed, the returned AccessToken will have a null expires value.

      queryString - The Facebook query string out of which to parse an AccessToken instance.
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      An AccessToken instance which corresponds to the given queryString.
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      IllegalArgumentException - If no access_token parameter is present in the query string.
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      public int hashCode()
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      public boolean equals(Object that)
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    • toString

      public String toString()
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    • getAccessToken

      The access token's value.
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      The access token's value.
    • getExpires

      public Date getExpires()
      The date on which the access token expires.
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      The date on which the access token expires.
    • getTokenType

      public String getTokenType()
      The token type of this access token provided by Facebook
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      the access token type