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Interface FacebookEndpoints

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    public interface FacebookEndpoints
    Interface for accessing the Facebook Endpoints. Facebook provides several endpoints that are used for working with the Graph API and working with Facebook in general. This interface provides methods to access the different urls. The default implementation is DefaultFacebookEndpoints. That class provides the access to Facebook and should be used in productive environments. This interface provides some fields with the default URLs so custom implementation can diretly use these or modify the url or provide a completly custom one. This is possible without extending our default implementation. In tests, a custom implementation can be used to mock the Facebook service. The implementing class only needs to provide urls to the mock service and the custom class is set in the DefaultFacebookClient.
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      • getGraphEndpoint

        String getGraphEndpoint()
        returns the Facebook Graph API endpoint URL
        the Facebook Graph API endpoint URL
      • getGraphVideoEndpoint

        String getGraphVideoEndpoint()
        returns the Facebook Graph API Video endpoint URL
        the Facebook Graph API Video endpoint URL